Pink Noise



You see, my plan is to create music that generates happiness and joy, tells stories, and evokes real emotions...excellent; pure 24k music. I want to sing my story because it's me... and, it’s more than me. I want to share my joy, my happiness, my attitude, my love and my passion for music with the world.

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Eliot Baker 

For Eliot Dean Baker, music went for beyond instruments and lyrics. From a young age, Eliot’s talent was nurtured when he began playing drums at just 6 years old. His passion had become larger than life, and he is currently a skilled artist in multiple genres , particularly alternative, pop, and rock. 

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Eliot Baker

Alanna Underwood

Pink Noise 

A bi-monthly event hosted on Sundays at The Cellar in Cambridge. In April 2016, the JSJ Events crew came together to provide a performance platform for new artists, and fundraise for local Boston/Cambridge non profit organizations as a way to give back to the community. From time-to-time we fundraise in response to tragic natural disasters. 


The Cellar
991 Massachsuetts Avenue
Cambridge MA, 02138



$5 at the door- currently fundraising for hurricane victim relief in Puerto Rico. RSVP here!

This is a grassroots effort to airlift supplies to the people of Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. They are asking for both monetary and item donations.