Miyuki’s depth of love and passion for her art is the backbone of the company’s tasteful design and simplicity. With a strong background in the arts, Miyuki possesses a multitude of talents including music production, photography, visual arts, and poetry. A recent graduate of Northeastern University, Miyuki’s strong work ethic reflects in her degree of endless abilities.

Miyuki has been with JSJ Events from the very beginning; she designed and curated the company's logo, typography, website, business cards, flyers, and posters. In addition, Miyuki ensures the event spaces are stylish and consistent with the company's established brand.

If she’s not working on a design, you can find Miyuki drawing or painting something beautiful at a cute cafe, or somewhere in the sun.

A dream within a dream
By: Miyuki

I found myself in a bathroom. I couldn't tell which reality was real, and when I looked down at my hands, I noticed they were translucent and disappearing quickly.

I ventured further into the dream because it felt safe, and I sprang out into the backyard at home. 

Everything was so technicolor, so hyperreal and fluid. I said to myself, this is what it would have been like if everything was perfect. 

I did some gymnastics on the table and ran by the pond. It was all so vivid, and the ripples on the water’s surface were luminous. I ran inside, and said to my mother, ‘I want go to Japan,’ and she said, ‘We're going soon, in one week.’


I am in love with simplicity. I love the senses, but I believe that there are infinitely more layers to life we do not possess the sense organs to perceive. I find beauty in stillness. I am baffled by the complexity of humanity. I am constantly aware of how much there is still to learn. I love you, whoever you are.