Miette Hope

We sat down with Miette Hope to talk about her creative process, rejection and her biggest goals.

Our Society and Miette’s Tips for Young Female Musicians

 Photo By:   Robyn Walsh

 Photo By: Robyn Walsh

Miette believes the most impressive thing about a woman is when she is comfortable in her own skin. Having plenty of experience working with male producers in the studio, she says her biggest tip is knowing,

“You don’t have anything to prove.” 

When asked what aspect of our society she would change through her work, Miette shared some of her two most crucial values as a person and an artist: honesty and transparency. She hopes that if her followers can see how truly vulnerable she is in both her songwriting and live performance, they will feel more inclined to open up too.

“I think we can all get along better if we recognize that everyone is suffering.”

With this, her mission is to eliminate the idea that we are all separate from one another,

“Yes we may all have different paths but if we’re not connecting with each other, I don’t think we’re going to be able to accomplish our goals”.
Photo By:   Steven Gindler

Photo By: Steven Gindler

When One Door Closes…

Rejection is part of the process of becoming a successful artist. Miette’s thoughts on rejection are that they shouldn’t slow you down, but propel you forward. “Art is completely subjective… it’s about the perspective you can see rejection from and to try to recognize the purpose in it” She described her experience with rejection as stifling, but that it has allowed her to create some of her best work.

The Impact of Social Media

Miette believes the impact social media has had on her work is both positive and a way to make sure she keeps her most authentic self in check. With over 21k followers on Instagram, she regularly livestreams rehearsals and gigs and shares song ideas on her Instagram story. Her willingness to share her craft gives her the opportunity to get instant feedback from her followers. It’s also her way of figuring out what people are responding to, before she even starts recording. 

“Sometimes I feel like I’m creating just for the purpose of sharing it, instead of just creating for myself… I want to be able to create organically without the idea that I’m going to share it with people”.

The way she does this is by turning off her phone and spending some quality time with her guitar and loop pedal. For Miette, social media allows her to not only share her music, but connect with her fans and share what she represents as an artist.

"Art is completely subjective… it’s about the perspective you can see rejection from and to try to recognize the purpose in it."
Photo By:   Matt Chmielarczy

Photo By: Matt Chmielarczy

Miette’s End Goal

Since change is inevitable, Miette has taught us to set active goals rather than long term goals. Miette will set short-term goals (i.e. opening up for her favorite artist coming to Boston) and manifest that by telling everyone. Even if it isn’t locked in, she brings it to fruition just by talking about it. “My biggest goal is to be an independent artist” with this intention in mind, she plans to do everything she can to see how far she can take it without a label.


Photo By:   Merrick Winter

Photo By: Merrick Winter

All About That Bass

Miette attributes her songwriting to the bass lines that run through her head from day to night. If it’s not a bass line, it’s a lyric line, or sometimes, an entire section of a song. She will pull out the Notes app in her iPhone, her loop pedal, or any instrument she is closest to. Whatever inspiration comes to her in that moment, she doesn’t give herself a filter and let’s the inspiration make its way into a song, “ soon as I have a groove locked in, I know what the song should be about.”

Collaborations & Trevin Kraus

Photo to the right by:   Spencer Reintges  

Photo to the right by: Spencer Reintges 

Miette’s most recent collaboration is with electronic producer Trevin Kraus on their hit single, “Can’t Hold It Against You”. Miette says this partnership is refreshing because they are able to learn from each other.

She expressed that their work flow is the key component of their collaboration, Miette will add a synth line while Trevin will suggest the perfect lyric. Her advice to someone who might be afraid to co-write is to break the ice. “What you’re getting out of a collaboration is something you’d never be able to get by yourself”.

You can find their most recent collaboration, “Can’t Hold It Against You” here.


By: Grace Gilbert-Walters