Mel Chanté

Poet, Artist, Positivity Blogger


As soon as Mel took the stage during a Sofar Sounds show in Brooklyn, there was an indescribable calm that came over the room. Her confidence, poise and powerful words left me wanting to know more about the Boston-native creator. We met at a coffee shop in Bushwick to talk about her art and inspirations.


Mel grew up in Boston and attended Bentley University where she got a business degree. That being said, she was raised in a very creative family. Her dad was a multi-talented poet, singer, and bassist who introduced Mel to music and poetry. Her mother would always sing around the house and in a choir and speak about the power of words. With this background, it was inevitable that Mel got involved with the arts.

Mel draws inspiration from many artists including Maya Angelou, J Cole and Lauryn Hill. After performing her poetry at an event in Brooklyn, Mel decided to move to NYC to pursue her dreams.

I just always wanted to move to New York. It was something on my bucket list.

Mel is one of the most well-rounded creative people I've ever met. During our conversation she talked about her interest in marketing, blogging, poetry, music, visual arts and pretty much anything creative. She is passionate about encouraging others to find out who they really are and practicing self-love every day. This manifested into an affirmation-based Instagram page called, Vow to Self. Mel wants this page to create a community collective that nurtures self-worth through affirmations.

I say I’m a poet. I say I’m a creator. Just believe that you’re limitless, and even if you say you’re a poet that doesn’t mean you only have to do poetry. You can still just create. Get outside of yourself and just create what you feel.

Mel's next creative pursuit is combining her poetry with a visual component. Her poetry is already very captivating and powerful, so it only makes sense that she take it to the next level by incorporating visuals. She's working towards creating a visual EP that features her poetry. Mel created a short film for her poem, 'To My Future Husband' that captures the essence of self-discovery and giving yourself to another person.

Check out Mel Chanté's latest release called 'Born 2 Love' and don't forget to give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram. We love supporting independent artists and you should too!

By: Tori Leche