Get Busy With Boston Based Bands

From Aerosmith to the Pixies to Passion Pit, Boston has seen it all. Home to a handful of the most influential music schools in the country, the city has a vibrant music scene. Looking for exciting indoor activities to keep you warm this winter? We encourage you to check out one of these bands.

The Q-Tip Bandits

Photo by Holy Smokes Photography

Photo by Holy Smokes Photography

Formed in early 2018,The Q Tip Bandits are already making a name for themselves, having spent the summer touring the east coast and beyond. Home for them is Boston, as both singer, Leo Son, and bassist, Claire Davis are students at Berklee College of Music. Drawing inspiration from rock, R&B and funk, they are singer-songwriters with a twist.

Their music is complex and compelling, without doing things simply to show off; everything is told with purpose. Their songs are driven instrumentally as much as they are driven lyrically, giving them their signature warm, rich sound.  Their charisma will draw you in during their live performances, keeping you dancing along with them for the whole show.

Check them out on their website or via Soundcloud

Photo by Omari Spears

Photo by Omari Spears

Butch Baby

Butch Baby is post-punk queer rock band featuring a baritone sax in its line up. Witty, unique and unapologetic, their debut EP, Stoned Butch Blues, features the songs TERF Bangs and Running into Your Mom at an AA meeting. With shows around Boston, their performances are high energy, dynamic and stand out from other rock bands due to their catchy songs and exceptional instrumentation.

They play an active role in the Boston LGBT community and are very vocal in their shows about their support and love for their fellow trans siblings, even performing benefit shows for trans charities. Socially aware yet uninhibited, Butch Baby is one of the most uncommon and spectacular bands in the Boston scene right now.

Check them out on Bandcamp

Saint Lune 2.png

Saint Lune

Since their creation in the fall of 2017, Saint Lune has taken Boston by storm. Referencing the sound of Delta Sleep, Paramore and CHON, Saint Lune aptly describes themselves as “melodic mathcore”. They experiment with rhythm while still keeping their songs highly vocally driven, appealing both to fans of the genre and those who would not typically listen.

They are high energy with a full-bodied sound, each of their highly dynamic songs taking you on a musical journey. Their first album, Cope, featuring the song, Rocket, the Imaginary Dog, is out now.

Check them out on their website or on Spotify

Photo by Kaya Blaze

Photo by Kaya Blaze

Sweet Petunia

Singer-songwriter duo, Sweet Petunia, is our generation’s Indigo Girls. Self- described as “loud angry queer women singing folk Americana songs” their songs are self-aware, frequently politically and socially conscious.

They regularly perform around Boston, winning over audiences with their musical chemistry. Mellow and sweet, their songs are carried by their intricate harmonies. Listening to them, it is easy to get wrapped up in their serene sound and never want it to end. Fortunately their self titled EP has been released. It is currently available on their Bandcamp will soon be released to all major streaming services.

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By: Adrienne Schoenfeld