Trick or Track?

Here are some of our favorite songs to listen to on the scariest night of year. We've curated everything from Tipper to Thundercat in the most perfect playlist. Whether your in the mood for something Tennyson low-key or Detroit Swindle upbeat, this is the playlist for you! 


Sleep Talking - Ravyn Lanae

This Chicago native music has been described as “a watercolor RnB Platter with startling depth”. -Austin American-Statesman. Check out one of her break out tracks, “Sleep Talking


Uh Oh! -Tennyson

A Canadian brother-sister duo that have been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for years. They have been on the forefront of the jazz influenced electronic music for 5-6 years. If you haven't heard of them yet, nows the time! This is one of our favorite tunes, but we highly recommend to check out this album; and every other album they've produced.




More of Everything Please- Detroit swindle

A very well established name in the House Music genre. Detroit Swindle always keep us grooving. In May 2017, Swindle preformed at Together Boston, a week-long, city-wide convergence of music, art and technology. Catch Swindle on his US & Intl. tour here!


Cukoo -Tipper

This British electronic artist specializes in music that ranges from Ambient, through Trip Hop, to uptempo Drum n’ Bass.


Better Give you up - FKJ

Short for “French Kiwi Juice”, FKJ is an established multi-instrumentalist and producer from France. FKL's juicy and lush beats will keep you begging for more! This is one of the many tunes that we are absolutely in-love with. Check out more on FKJ here


Reconstruct -Photay

One of the most unique producers on this list. Photay places an emphasis on acoustic sounds and instruments and incorporates them into his music. This song is from his debut self titled album, Photay created in 2014. Since, he's recently released his new album Onism, on 8.11.17'. 


Pizza Party- Max Ox

Max Ox is a Jazz/Fusion keyboard player from LA. Ox is known for making music that is playful yet technical, instrumental music. With modern vibes, this tune is best described as upbeat synth jazz. This is the perfect song to greet your guests at on Oct 31st! The best way to find out is to give it a listen...


Them Changes -Thundercat

Break out track from accomplished bass player, Thundercat. Some artists he's recorded with include Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington and Erykah Badu. Thundercat is loved for his effortless of creativity technicality, and musical eptitude. 

"I try to use as much improvisation as possible in my music" -- Thundercat

Shangri La - James Tillman

A fresh face on the RnB scene. James Tillman incorporates the classic RnB flavor of Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin in the context of modern RnB.  Tillman is from Washington D.C. and has tackled the industry with top quality music from the moment he starting making music in 2014


Call me in the Afternoon - Half Moon Run 

Half Moon Run is a indie-rock band from Montreal, Quebec that incorporate a wide range of genres into their tracks, fusing elements of indie-rock, folk and pop. Check out their latest release here. Don’t sleep on these guys! 


By Amin M.

Flesh - TEGA

The debut single of this up and coming RnB/Soul songwriter and vocalist. Check out his full LP coming out mid-November!